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On Arrival

All cat guests need to be desexed, clean and well groomed - also ……..

Medical History

You should let us know of any health issues you cat has, or has had, or is  likely to have during his stay with us.
In case of any emergency whilst your cat is with us, we employ the services of local veterinary surgery - Koo Wee Rup Veterinary Surgery.
Any medication or medication instructions as applicable.

Dietary Requirements

Let us know if your cat has any special diet requirements or preferences in  food.

Current Vaccinations

All our cat guests must have up-to-date vaccinations. You will need to bring his vaccination record for us to sight.
All vaccinations must be completed at least 7 days prior to entry into our  cattery.
All cats must have completed at least the F3 vaccination course.

Flea Treatments

It is important that your cat has been treated with a flea treatment prior to  entry to the cattery.

Personal Items

Always transport your cat in secure cat carry cases to minimize stress during  their trip and for safety of you and your cat.
Favourite toys, blankets, bowls or other possessions that will help settle your  cat for his holiday.

Contact Details and Check out Date

We need your contact details whilst you are away - or alternatively, your  agent’s details
Confirm your check-out date and approximate time of collection (we are flexible  with regard to times)
Or if you prefer us to deliver your cat back to your home, then address, date and time.
Contact Nola - Phone: 03 5997 6414  Mobile: 0418 549 987  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com
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